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Email me directly at or use the contact form below. As our correspondence is confidential, I strongly advise you NOT to use your work email address. Give your contact details, briefly and clearly describe the history and nature of your current problem(s), and positively state your goal(s): especially how you want to behave, feel and think. I will immediately send you an intake form for you to complete and return to

There’s no waiting list: within a few days we will arrange a daytime or evening intake session to get to know each other, establish a ‘click’ and clearly define the core problem. If you have more than one problem, we will set priorities. We will also discuss whether your goal(s) is/are realistic and broadly map out steps to be taken. Then the head and heart work can begin. If we conclude that another therapist would be more suitable, I will refer you to a fully qualified and experienced colleague in the Utrecht region.


Mgr. v.d. Weteringstr. 14a, 3581EH Utrecht, NL



+31.6.40475088 / +31.30.2369689

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10:00 – 21:30  Monday to Friday

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